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Do It Yourself: Past Life Regression

How does one actually do a DIY or do-it-yourself past life regression techniques? How does one feel when he is actually doing it already? Would you like someone to be with you when you enter into trance? Did you ever wonder what it is like to be in trance? Well, if you have, then here are a few tips on how to deal with past life regression and learn how to do it all by yourself. When you are all set and ready to go, simply take some deep breathing exercises and begin following the steps below:

  1. Find your most comfortable position, you may lie down or sit, as long as you feel you can stay in that position for a long period of time without having to strain your body. Then start invoking your Higher Self and seek the help of your angels, guardians or whatever ethereal elements you believe will keep you safe.
  2. Close your eyes and envision yourself being engulfed by a bright ball of light. Allow the warmth to consume your whole body from your arms, your legs, your torso, your face. Feel it enter your body completely and allow yourself to get lost in its presence.
  3. Now Relax yourself completely. That light has warmed your entire being and you are in complete peace. Also, picture yourself walking, your steps still relaxed, your feet touching the ground softly, without a sound. And as though you are floating, notice a door from afar. Reach it by slowly moving down the stairs that separate you from those stairs. Make sure your feet shouldn’t make a sound against each step.
  4. Upon getting to the last step, you see a couch right next to the door that says: Your Past Lives. Stop for a moment and decide whether to open the door or sit on the couch. And if you are ready to get inside, touch the knob lightly, grab hold of it, turn it slowly and push the door open. You will feel the heaviness of the wooden door. It is as though the past lives have been hidden well.
  5. If you are not able to open the door, perhaps the universe is telling you it’s not time to revisit your past life yet. Get back to the couch and rest lying down. If you know you can get in and choose to do so, push the door open and you will see a White Screen next to the Past Life Room and two other things: a Red Button on the right that closes the blinds to the white screen or the Green Button on the left that opens the blinds to show your past lives on the screen.
  6. If you choose to push the green button, your past lives will be shown to you. Observe your surroundings and feel completely present in that time. If you cannot see yourself, Look down and ask to see your feet, then slowly turn your eyes up to see your entire body. Focus on yourself, how you look and when you’re ready say “Action!” The movie of your past life should play before you. If you feel you have seen enough or once a buzzer alarms, click on the red button to close the blinds to the screen. Prepare for resting in the couch. Then tell yourself if you believe everything you’ve seen!
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